"Zeteo Telos Shepherds!"

The Greek word Zeteo means to set your heart and to pursue with much desire.  The  Greek word Telos means the ultimate end-complete.  It is our ZETEO to breed and work the ultimate dog, TELOS!

We strive to breed sporting and working German Shepherds for the discriminating handler and competitor.  Our breeding program emphasizes the versatility and health of the German Shepherd breed. We strive to produce dogs that meet the breed standard originally set by Max von Stephanitz; dogs possessing strong character both mentally and physically.

Our overall goal is to breed and promote the German Shepherd as the working dog he/she was designed to be with an emphasis on the breed standard for character as defined by F.C.I. which states, “The German Shepherd should appear poised, calm, self confident, absolutely at ease, and (except when agitated) good natured, but also attentive and willing to serve. He must have courage, fighting drive, and hardness in order to serve as companion, watchdog, protection dog, service dog, and herding dog.” It is our purpose to employ a responsible approach to developing healthy, top performing German Shepherds meeting the breed standards. It is with these objectives, that we selectively breed the next generation of dedicated sport dogs, employees, and family companions. 

Fifteen years ago, we had the need for a personal protection dog which led us to purchase a German Shepherd trained for that purpose.  We  enjoyed the obedience and protection training such that we began to pursue outlets that would enable us to engage in these exercises more fully.  Schutzhund was that fit.  Since that time, we have owned, trained, and competed numerous schutzhund dogs.  During this time, we also spent a great deal of time researching bloodlines that performed AND produced the type of German Shepherd we wanted to compete.  It was with this intention that we sought to select strong working females with specific genetic backgrounds to lay the foundation for our breeding program.  We encourage you to view the pedigrees of our dogs as we believe you will find they are comprised of some of the top competitors in the sport.                

In addition, our German Shepherds are family members and we expect our puppies to be valued in the same manner. Therefore, we reserve the right to deny the sale of any of our dogs or puppies if we feel the buyer or placement is not a suitable home.  
We strive to match each of our puppies with the exact characteristics that our clients seek.  We evaluate each puppy individually to ensure not only good health, but also that the puppy's natural ability is best paired with its intended purpose.  In an effort to provide the most suitable homes for our puppies, we require prospective buyers provide information regarding their experience and intended purpose for each puppy.  

Now, run fast, bite hard, and we will see you on the field!

3 exceptional puppies born Oct. 16th
                     The Ultimate Working German Shepherd

​   Telos Shepherds

Nancy Lewis

  1 male - 1 female
  still available